This Old Dog… Blacksmithing!

People ask how soon will I have an auction, start selling things, etc.  But I see this as a golden opportunity to try things and decide if I like them before I sell anything!  One example is Ken’s blacksmithing tools and equipment.



Today I visited Joyce, a wonderfully talented blacksmith in nearby Barron, Wisconsin.  She had invited Ken and me to come by and see and use her forge.  I brought a small project.  I hated these towels on the back of this chair.  I had bent two coat hangers to experiment and figure out what I wanted.



I brought my coat hangers and measurements to Joyce and she demonstrated and then assisted me in making the second.  It was GREAT fun.  I see why Ken so enjoyed it.  I asked him what he thought after the first time he tried working at a forge and he said, “It’s as fun as making taffy, but it’s too hot to touch!”


So now, here are the two hooks in place and doing their duty – getting the towels where I can use them and off the chair!

This old dog learned a new trick!


  1. I hear a strong woman. Blessings, Judith.

  2. A charming story!
    Here’s to developing new muscles, new skills, and new fun!

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