Making Compost

Each season Ken makes compost. Each year he combines the winter chicken bedding with hay and straw and leaves and other organic matter that varies from year to year.  In the past he shoveled chicken bedding and shook out all the baled hay.  A few years back he purchased a manure spreader.  The manure spreader breaks clods, shakes out hay and mixes the components beautifully.


He loads the spreader, cuts the baling twine, and runs the hay through the spreader. Then loads half the hay back into the spreader. The other half is spread on the ground for the base of the pile



Here Ken is moving chicken bedding





Then he loads the chicken bedding into the spreader with his tractor






He evens it out, and lets it rip





Here is the start of the pile that will heat up and compost for the future season





And here is happy Ken – Compost done

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