Canning Peaches

Ken loves stone fruit like cherries and peaches.  They top the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list of food with high pesticide residues, so I only buy organic.  Last year a friend got a couple boxes she had ordered; there was extra so I got some.  This year I begged her to order some for me.


Ken loves canned peaches, and people often ask how do I can peaches.  First make a syrup.  This year I used maple syrup in a ratio of one maple to two water.



Then I set that on the stove and the canner with the clean jars in some water to sterilize the jars for ten minutes and a medium pan of plain water.  Once the jars have boiled for ten minutes I remove that pan. 


Then I boil water in a small pan and remove from heat and drop in the canning lids. 





Once the medium pan of plain water boils I start dipping the peaches for about a minute each.This loosens the skins




Then I fill the jars with peaches.  These were large so I quartered them.  When they are small I halve them.  Each jar has one pit because Ken believes it improves flavor.  Then I fill the spaces with the hot syrup


Next I wipe rims with a clean cloth to get a good seal.  I have a magnet wand to pull the lids from the hot water.




Place lids.





Screw all the bands over the lids






Set in the canner for a boiling water bath for ten minutes.




Remove jars and place on some newspaper so to avoid thermal shock.  Wait for the pings of the lids vacuum sealing as they cool.  If they don’t seal put in the refrigerator and eat soon




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