Recipe Idea – Greens Like Arugula, Kale, Chard

Here at Keppers we emphasize greens.  We usually have lettuce and salad greens, braising and cooking greens and green fresh herbs.

This week we have arugula, an Italian cool weather favorite with a peppery flavor.  We like it in salads.  I like to add it to cooked beets with a sour cream or yogurt dressing and some toasted walnuts or pecans; the sweet earthy beets pair nicely with the fresh pungent arugula, and the nuts and dairy add a richness.

I also add greens to a cream or cheese sauce.






Then I toss that with home made noodles. 






This week I had green onions, arugula, and parsley.  Kale, chard, beet tops, and other herbs work as well.  A colorful side like theses sweet potato slices or carrots really makes that green pop!



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