Peas – An Early Summer Favorite

Early each spring Ken plants snap peas.  Once he has cultivated and weeded a couple times, I help him put up the pea fence.




Then they bloom and set fruit.  Snap peas are a edible pod variety.  Just snap off the stem end and pull any “string”  that has grown along the edge.




Snap peas can be eaten raw or blanched for salads, pasta dishes, stir fry; they are delicious so many ways.




Peas like cool weather.  Ken mulches them to keep soil temperatures moderate.  Some years when we have cool weather they will have a long season.  Other years when we have hot weather they all seem to come at once and then stop blooming.  Ken consoles us with his familiar statement, “In years when we have a short peas season, we usually have enough hot weather for good melons!”

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