Pea Fence Is Up

One of the annual tasks here is putting up the pea fence.  Peas are a relatively short season crop.  Their production varies with weather.  Too warm and they simply give up.  So putting up that pea fence is an act of faith



I have ordered several different varieties over the years.  I keep hoping there is one that really doesn’t need a fence. In my over twenty years of picking, I can emphatically state they ALL do better with a fence.



So Ken weeds them again just before we put up the fence.  We have tried many different fence materials- netting, plastic, cattle panels, field fencing, etc.  What we find works best for us is chicken wire with fiberglass poles woven through periodically.  For multiple pieces of chicken wire, we tie them together,  And Ken ties them at the ends.

ow we wait for them to bloom and produce!

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