Chickens Arrive in Winter Quarters

coop-in-the-garden-best-049After the last harvest on November 16th we saw that cold weather was coming.  One of Ken’s late fall tasks is to move the hens into the garden for the winter. 




coops-in-garden-033This year he has two groups of hens, and they seem happier in their respective coops, so he moved both portable coops to the garden.  He also moved a portable structure I call teh hog hilton into the garden for the geese for shelter from cold winds.




coops-in-garden-012The coops have plastic on the wire sides as a wind barrier.  Then Ken adds a “skirt” of plastic around the base of the coop to create a barrier between the outside and the mesh floors.  As the season progresses Ken adds hay to the area under each coop. the Chickens scratch and spread the hay and the manure breaks down the hay to start the next compost pile for following season (2018).

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