Changing of Seasons

cook-stove-036As we approach the midpoint between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, the days have become noticeably shorter, the temperatures colder.  The press is on to get the roots in the root cellar, wrap up fall tasks, batten down hatches, and prepare for the winter that now is surely coming

This morning marked the first time I lit the cook stove.  I felt like I had to re train myself – all those factors of humidity, temperature, wind, kindling, wood, sound of the fire, but they did come back.  And it surely felt good to feel that radiant heat!

foliage-walk-to-field-011As I walk to the field now the leaves are mostly under foot.  Most  that remain on the trees above are the oaks.  While some people sadden as the leaves fall, I see the woods opening up, and my time will open up for the quiet and introspection of winter.  Decades ago Ken told me of this.  He said those who hate winter are usually worried about cars working, and road conditions. 

To work at home this time of year is a joy.  The light is beautiful, the long nights mean time to read and socialize, and renew and plan for the seasons to come


  1. I love the life you live and your sharing of it. Thank you

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