Day lilies Made the Move – Perennial Project Continues

buddha in the buckwheat 066Ken and I tackled moving the perennial flowers from the weedy bed this spring.  First Ken pastured the hens, then we moved flowers, then the pigs dug out the bulk or the weeds.  After moving the pigs, Ken ran the tractor and a cultivator through and we planted green manures.  Right now the buckwheat is taking hold with the other seeds coming up – peas, oats, beans, wheat, and other old seed.

day lilies melon from ardys Summer photos 016 daylilies pink better Summer photos 017 day lilies red Summer photos 014 daylilies red yellow center Summer photos 020day lilies yellow 004The day lilies all made the move and are blooming now.  They all bring back fond memories of friends who let me have a split from their plant once it needed dividing


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