Happy Solstice!

mobile high tunnel  tomato stool solstice 017Here we are at the solstice, the longest day of 2016.  Then the days slowly shorten, and the crops grow; their goal is to set seed before the season ends or in the case of biennials, store enough energy in the root for seeds next season.  Ken has moved a step ladder to the mobile high tunnel and has begun the regular task of trimming and tying up tomatoes so they continue to grow and set fruit.

peas snap peas solstice 081I have begun picking peas – the first of the small hand picked crops.  Next will be strawberries and later beans and raspberries – but never count the crops until picked!.  It is marvelous meditative work.  I like the quiet time by myself without interruptions. 


ken tying up tomatoes solstice 043I appreciate all Ken’s efforts to bring these crops to harvest: planting, cultivating and weeding, thinning in some cases, tying up or building support.  While juggling all these things there are also several ongoing tasks like feeding and fencing animals, building soil through growing green manure, mulching and making compost.  There is always something to do!

chicks medium and grey hen 117This year as always Ken has added some projects and modified others.  He has been intent on working out systems for broody hens to hatch chicks successfully.  Now he will make necessary changes for infrastructure to accommodate the hens sitting, the tiny chicks and their mothers, and the tween that are not quite ready to join the main flock.

pigs solstice 095The pigs are growing.  We notice their additional feed intake.  Visitors comment on the changes since the last visit.

pots rugs valerian solstice 094




Wild flowers and cultivated flowers are blooming.  We focus on continual bloom for the pollinators.  Right now the valerian that has self seeded is spreading its fragrance all over!

big red hot day solstice 099

Happy Summer!



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