Denim Rugs Ready for a New Home!

denim rug hit or miss oscar 017The denim rugs are finished!  Ken got this rug loom at an auction – a story in itself.  It has a sectional warp beam so I can do long warps easily.  this reduces time spent setting up the warp.  This was my first sectional warp, and I have learned a lot. 

oops warp fix  004





The sections need to be the same number of revolutions.  I discovered near the end that I was at the end in certain sections, but not others.  I was fortunate; The shorter warp was on one end. 


oops warp fix  012I cut, knotted and then wove up another narrower rug.






oops warp fix  022The last rug was narrow, but otherwise fine.  I used some of Ken’s old shirts for accent rather than over dyed denim as not much was left




denim rugs off the loom 032Then I pulled them off.  I have been knotting the ends.  Last night I finished the knotting and sewed the ends.  It takes more steps than simply knotting fringe, but finished ends wear better for a longer time.




Here is a sampling – some are hit or miss over dyed denim accents and some have stripes of over dyed denim.  I dye the faded denim as I prefer to make brighter and colorful rugs rather than faded ones!

denim rug chamois shirts accent 026 denim rug stripes 024 denim rug over dyed stripes 025 denim rug chamois accents detail 028 denim rug hit or miss detail 021 denim rug over dye stipes 016









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