Spring Planting for Full Season Crops

ken garlicl garden onion transplanting 004Although Ken is always planting – he has to plant greens for the winter salad mixes every week – there is a transition to planting crops that will be transplanted outside and crops that are what we call “full season crops.” These include bulb onions – Walla Wallas, red onions, storage onions and leeks, and cucumbers, melons, squash, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. These crops are usually planted and transplanted once each season.

ken garden onion transplanting 009Ken starts all our crops from seed or in the case of garlic, cloves. His planting schedule for full season crops starts with planting garlic in fall, onions and celery in January, peppers in February and so on. Now he is starting to transplant the full season crops. Saturday night he was out with radio headphones. While he listened to a Prairie Home Companion he transplanted onion seedlings (I was washing pottery).

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