Chicks, Chicks, and More Chicks

big chicks and hen 108

The oldest chicks

Ken encourages broody hens.  A broody hen is one who wants to sit on a clutch of eggs and hatch out chicks.  Many modern breeds of egg layers have this trait bred out of them.  Most egg producers think of production of eggs, and a broody hen sits for three weeks and cares for chicks a couple more after they hatch.  She isn’t laying eggs while she does that.

chicks medium and grey hen 117

The middle hatch

We like broody hens that hatch out chicks for a couple reasons.  Day old chicks have risen in price so that now they are nearly four dollars per chick.  Over the years we have noticed that chicks with mothers  have a decided edge.  She watches over them – protects them, shows them food and water, and how to scratch.  We also prefer a closed flock to avoid importing potential problems.  From time to time we do buy chicks to introduce traits we want in our flock.

chicks baby and gold laced hen 110

The newest batch of chicks

This year Ken has got a system down with a couple quiet safe areas for hens to sit and hatch.  Then he has been moving them into his small original coop.  So far he has three batches!

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  1. Controlling genetics is vital to a great flock. We lost one broody hen this spring but have a second on a clutch of twenty eggs that should soon hatch. Had a coon break into their space which we shot a 2am back with the full moon with our dogs after it – varmints.

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