Stimulus – Where should it go?

When I got my stimulus check, I recalled something Ken said often. “Each cent you spend is a vote for the future.” So I thought about what I could do after paying off a couple bills. First a local artist who does wood cuts: Emily Gray Koehler

Then another wood cut artist in Vermont: Mary Azarian

I bought some socks from Maggie’s and some underwear from Decent Exposures. These are all women owned businesses. Next I will buy a “gift certificate” from my favorite fabric store.

And finally some clarinet supplies from a local music store. And some prepaid lessons.

These are all things I want to help stay afloat during these tough times. I suggest people also think about supporting local farmers for produce, meat, cheese, etc.


  1. Very thoughtful, Judit.

    • Keppers Pottery

      Thank you, Uncle H. I used to be one of those small, local businesses. They are always my first choice.

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