Cleaning and Clearing

Since Ken’s death I have been cleaning, sorting and clearing.  As I planned to visit my parents, I decided to skip to the top floor and clear a nice space for my farm sitter to sleep. The area was all torn up as I had given away a queen sized futon from a double bed frame (it was as Garrison Keillor would call it a deep valley bed).  When friends took the futon, they offered to put the new double futon on the frame, but I declined as it was a chance to clean the area.

So I took apart the frame and my dear sister in law came over and helped me get up a used carpet and move all those it takes two people to move things.  After she left the bed was back together and I had several boxes to sort, but her help jump started me. 




I found more rags(!) and moved them to the main floor.  I sorted so all warp is in one place, all fabric is together, etc






And then I put it together – not done, but as I make and take time I can find all of a given thing, sort and be done. 





This is progress! 





And I had a situation where I did not wonder if my friendly farm sitter would be crushed by falling boxes!


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