Memories from a Year Ago

This time last year Ken was visiting friends in New Mexico at the advice of one of his alternative health care providers.We spoke on the phone daily and each day he told me he was weaker.  While he was gone I was lining up things he could no longer do – plow the drive, get wood cut and stacked.  Friends helped with all these things.  I am grateful.

People asked how I could “let him go,” but to this day, even when I know the end of the story, it feels right.  I was tense, busy, even grim at times.  The sun of New Mexico and the time with old friends allowed Ken to relax;  he was not here seeing that which he could not do, seeing me trying to do it.

This December I think of last year.  I think of missing Ken and all the changes in my life.  I realize how much he is in my life and will be always.  And so today amidst the Christmas music I kept humming the Gershwin song Our Love is Here to Stay.  To you, Ken, with thanks for all those years you loved me.  I was so fortunate and I am so grateful

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