The Necks Project – aka Neck – a – Thon

About a month ago I was at Depth of Field in Minneapolis.  One side of the store  is a futon shop, and the other is a fiber shop.  I was there for a futon frame and then a futon cover.  After making those purchases I walked over to the fiber side.  They told me the store was closing and the yarn was 50% off.  I bought the wild colored Merino wool that remained.  First I made myself a neck. And once posted on face book, the photo got many responses from people who had necks I made them in the past and loved them

So I returned to Depth of Field and bought the Merino yarn that remained – odds and ends.  I started looking at how to combine the differing colors into nice necks for other people and have been knitting necks for friends.

Then I heard another fiber – weaving shop was discontinuing yarn sales.  Again all yarn was 50% off.  I hightailed it there and bought another pie of Merino.  So this may be the winter of necks.  Easy to make, and warm for friends who like to be outside. 

Necks provide warmth, but there are no scarf ends flapping around.  safer for people who work outdoors.  Great for people who snowshoe and ski.  I love making and giving friends necks!

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