More Changes – Open Space on the Main Floor

Ken and I had a large cooler by the front door.  It contained produce for sale.  Since I am not raising or selling produce any more, it seems foolish to keep it.  Friends can use it.  They came Saturday to move it out and take it to their farm.  Thank you.  I hope it works for them as well as it did for us all these years




The next thing was to clean the space for its next use.  I have purchased and will have electric off peak storage heat units installed. 






These units contain a heat element that is charged during off peak and its heat is sunk into large ceramic (brick).  There is a thermostat and when the ambient temperature drops the fans blow out heat.  Friends love them.  I plan to  use them as back up when I want to leave home in winter




As I cleaned I thought about my transition from salesperson at our on farm – studio to private person with a private home.  As nice as it was to share my home and live over the years, I am ready to leave that all behind. 



I looked at the space Ken created for his home – studio before we grew produce to sell.  Now I imagine and ponder – should I paint?  How do I make it cozy? 

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