Preserving the Summer’s Bounty: Freezing Peppers

a peppers 007Last summer Ken tried something new – he chopped and froze bell peppers.  Peppers do not require the blanching that most vegetable do.  Previously we dried pepper slices in the dehydrator, and I often used them in things like chili and stews that I cooked for a long, low temperature on the wood cook stove.  Frozen peppers do not need to be re hydrated, and can be placed in a dish just before serving to thaw and maintain the vitamin C that is so high in ripe peppers. 


a peppers to freezer 001The frozen peppers were so convenient I found myself adding them to several varied dishes – meats, beans, vegetables medleys like onion and cabbage, our frozen sweet corn, reheated rice and fried rice to name a few

Here is the process.  Rinse and cut out cores and seeds. 



a peppers to freezer 004Chop, place in bags, squeeze out air, label and freeze.  Pretty easy, right?

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