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cukes on fenceSummer photos 041

Cukes on the fence

Greetings from the Garden!  This week’s CSA box has greens, bok choy, cukes and zukes, potatoes, peppers, beans, beets or carrots, onions, garlic, parsley and the first of the basil

farm tour 2016 001Field Notes.  The garden tour was Sunday.  It always marks a turning point in the summer for us.  The crops look good.  The days are starting to seem shorter.  Ken can take a deep breath and prepare for the rest of the season

Ken is always planting and now he is also picking.  He picks the cukes, zukes and certain other crops twice or more a week.  I am picking beans and we are cresting the wave of this crop.  If you want to purchase beans to freeze, contact me now. 

We are starting to see red tomatoes – I know everyone is waiting.  All those cool nights meant they ripen more slowly, but ripen they will.

kale carrot onion salad 011From the Kitchen.   For the farm tour I make various vegetables dishes.  I also write up ingredient lists for each dish.  I started doing that when I realized there are many people with various food allergies and it would be nice to let them know what is in each dish. My favorite cold kale and carrot salad was a hit. Slice carrots and cook to near done, add sliced onions, and finally kale. Drain cooking liquid and chill in cold water and drain.  Dressing: toast pumpkin seeds in a skillet.  Transfer to a blender and add a pitted umeboshi plum, and some vegetable cooking water as needed.  Blend.

Beans lg email 002Beans mean summer.  Last week I suggested sesame oil and umeboshi vinegar.  This week I toasted some almonds, set aside, made a cream sauce, and added cooked beans and sliced almonds. 

a turkey mom and poults 059‘Til Next Week, Judith and the Gang

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