Harvest Newsletter

garlic harvest oscar 006

Greetings from the Garden!  This week’s CSA box has greens, bok choy, cukes and zukes, potatoes, peppers, beans, beets or carrots, onions, garlic, parsley and the first of the basil Field Notes.  The garden tour was Sunday.  It always marks a turning point in the summer for us.  The crops look good.  The days are starting to seem shorter.  Ken can take a deep breath and prepare for the rest of the season Ken is …

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Lettuce Saga this Season

Most years we have lettuce available in plentiful quantities from April through October or Thanksgiving.  This year has been different.           Ken has planted lettuce as he usually does – each week or ten days.  There have been several mishaps this year.            The deer got past Oscar one night and ate the hearts out of most of one crop.  Another bolted and melted down in the …

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Harvesting Garlic and Potato Onions

Ken harvested the garlic and potato onions around the rain – he lets them dry in the field for a day or two and then loads them and brings them to the racks.      Potato onions are an interesting onion that is planted from the onions themselves rather than seed,  As they grow they form clumps.  Potato onions are larger than shallots and taste halfway between onions and shallots.  They are our best keepers …

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