Pottery Classes January 2018



Four Saturdays in January 2018.  9–11:30 a.m.

  Four Saturdays in February 2018. 9–11:30 a.m.

Ken Keppers, studio potter, teaches the basics: Pinch, coil, and slab, and glazing techniques;  wheel construction available.



Sign up for one or more classes at $25 rate per class Or all eight classes $ 160

Ken Keppers , 235 US Hwy 8 W,  Turtle Lake, WI 54889-9110

(715) 986 – 4322  kepperspottery.com


Sign up form:  pottery class sign up docx



Canning Pork Stock

Our pork is slaughtered on farm.  We find it means less stress for the animals, and the waste stays on the farm lungs and stomach to be fed to dog, lungs to the cat, and guts are composted.  Ken eats heart and tongue; I eat liver.  So, although we are not quite nose to tail, we work to respect the animal and use as much as we can and waste as little as we can. …

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Poultry in the Garden?

Ken has been moving portable shelters and coops to the garden.  Why?  Well, it is not only easier to feed everyone in one location fairly close to the house all winter, but also each of the poultry breeds by their nature will help us grow vegetables more easily next season!     Geese will take out weeds.  Chicken also take out weeds and weed seeds and any remaining insects. Turkeys will scratch the soil and …

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