Closed Permanently

Since the potter’s death, Keppers Pottery and Produce is closed – permanently. Remaining pottery is at Dancing Bird in Cumberland. For produce, please support a local farmer.

Why I love the Post Office or The Box Story

I used to love UPS, too. But after Donny retired we have had a series of new people – a training route they call it. And although we have a 16′ x 20′ sign at the end of our drive the google default for our 235 WEST is the Verizon store which is technically 235 US Hwy 8 and Hwy 63 , that is EAST of town. When Verizon gets our packages, they open them, …

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This Date in History

This photo was taken September 19, 1993 at our wedding. Saturday marks 27 years. It also marks 33 months since Ken’s death on 12/19/17. My life is filled with fond memories and gratitude

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Roof Repair

Yesterday the roofers came. There had been a leak before Ken died around one of the skylights. Ken’s quick fix didn’t hold. I asked around and found a very good roof guy. He was clear about price and possibilities of what he might find under the old metal roof I held off until after Loyal had done the bat remediation. Bats pup in spring and then around mid August they establish their winter homes. So …

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