Closed Permanently

Since the potter’s death, Keppers Pottery and Produce is closed – permanently. Remaining pottery is at Dancing Bird in Cumberland. For produce, please support a local farmer.

Thumb Update

About a month ago I did a superman move into the house when I slid on a slippery wooden step. I had a bruise and was a bit stiff. But then my thumb started hurting, and playing the clarinet really reminded me it hurt. So I went to the clinic. An x-ray showed no broken bones and I was given this splint for a week. After dutifully wearing the splint morning and night for over …

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Three years gone: 11/15/1952 – 12/19/2017

Three years gone, and yes, I miss him. I also am finding my way forward alone. I have fond memories and deep gratitude And now Oscar cares for me – what a good dog!

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Return of the Necks

The winter after Ken died two of my favorite yarn shops were selling out; one was closing and the other was focusing on weaving supplies. I returned to an old easy thing – “necks.” In the cold winter it’s nice to have a scarf that doesn’t have flapping ends. They were thick and soft Merino yarn. I made some and then was asked to make some shorter for friends whose glasses had steamed up. Here …

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