Roof Repair

Yesterday the roofers came. There had been a leak before Ken died around one of the skylights. Ken’s quick fix didn’t hold. I asked around and found a very good roof guy. He was clear about price and possibilities of what he might find under the old metal roof

I held off until after Loyal had done the bat remediation. Bats pup in spring and then around mid August they establish their winter homes. So this was the perfect time to let them out, but not let them back in! Loyal rented a lift and put a block all around with a small way out.

Yesterday the crew came and I hung around as I knew there would be questions and once the tin was off there were. I opted to do the job right. I kept busy with low focus jobs as it felt like being inside the percussion section – ripping metal, screwing sheeting, hammering flashing, steady nail gun on the shingles. They did a nice, efficient job and were tidy. I am happy. But a bit deaf and feeling a bit poorer. All worth it, though

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