Stacking Wood

Kind people have been cutting and splitting wood for the winter. Loyal drives up a trailer of wood, and I stack it. The wood shed is filling up.

Monday I emptied a trailer and abracadabra! Another one appeared

Since rain was forecast Monday night, I covered the wood with tin

This morning was cool and relatively bug-free so I started in stacking. Progress!

The oldest lightest wood and new kindling are almost at two ricks deep

This photo from a couple days ago is clearer. I still have that front rick around the dog shelter to do.

North a couple bays is larger wood with a mix with oak for colder weather; this photo is from Monday when I stopped for the day.

And here it is today – nearly done!

The small amount left on the trailer is a mix of short pieces I use to top off piles and the bottom of the next rick of kindling. One more trailer of wood should more than do it for this – and maybe next- winter!

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