The Shift in Attitude:The Long Haul

Last week while cleaning and sorting, I found some 1/4 inch elastic. This had been in short supply. I had gotten mask kits and made twenty masks for local health care workers, but had been cobbling together something each time I did go out

Now that I had elastic I faced something. What had initially seemed like a short disruption in routine, this virus has become something we will need to work around for a longer stretch of time. I could easily lock down, but how, as we open up society, do we keep each other and ourselves as safe as possible?

So, with the pillow ticking I had on hand, and the elastic I found I made myself a more permanent mask. Sets off the grey in my hair, don’t you think?

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  1. I think masks will be the new fashion statement. I am going to try different patterns and ties. Stay well and enjoy the new world.

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