Gourd Project Progress

Years ago Ken grew some gourds and I made four shekeries – one with clay beads I made, one with wooden beads, one with plastic buttons, and one with semi – precious stones like turquoise, obsidian, howlite.

So then Ken grew several gourds for me. but I set them aside after cutting a jagged hole and removing the seeds so they would not rot.

After Ken’s death I spent time cleaning the house to make some space – and I will be doing more of that. Some friends started to help clean out sheds, and I decided to return to making the shekeries to use the gourds. First I found some rasps

And I smoothed out the jagged holes and cleaned out more stuff in the gourds now that it was dry and easier to get out.

I sorted gourds for the ones I knew I wanted to make into shekeries and a few small palm sized gourds I found corks and got some chick grit for small rattles

All three books insisted I clean off remaining skin residue and mold

After rinsing I needed to dry them out so I set up a sling over the cook stove

Ken had bought me a wood burning tool so I could initial and date my gourds

I have been practicing on broken gourds with the different tips

Today I took the gourds out of the sling and soon I will initial and date some and then get weaving the beads and shells on the gourds. It is a good winter project

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