Happy 4th!

This morning I am baking bread, making sorbet, and bagging up pizza dough. I will deliver these to three farms. My goal is to give farmer friends things that take time to prepare (when they have little extra time or energy this busy of year) for some faster food.

I make sorbet from culled fruit frozen last season. Fruit is in short supply this time of year, but this first heat seems to make us all crave something sweet, cool and juicy! This batch is melon from Turnip Rock Farm last August. I also have some peaches in the freezer I got last season at the co-op for a future batch

This year I added a weekly batch of pizza dough. I figured pizza can be a healthy fast food with meat or vegetables from each farm’s culls. I keep asking if it’s OK and each farm tells me to keep it coming

So, this year I celebrate three farms. I want to help them in a way I can – giving them things that take time to prepare when they are busy. And they have helped me more than they know

Today, as each day, I say thank you farmers. I have some idea of how hard you work

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