Weeding Out or The Spice Rack Story

Ken and I have used many spices.  There are my New England spices, my French Canadian spices, Scandinavian and Ken’s German, Scandinavian, and of course after we lived in Japan there are Asian condiments as well.    Each year during a small window after the growing season, but before he made pots, Ken went through the kitchen and pantry.  Then he would travel to the co-op and Penzey’s for holiday needs like figs for fig pudding or cardamon for hot chocolate.  He always got some things he intended to try, but often never did.

Two days ago when I reached for something three jars fell on the floor, and one broke its lid.  I weeded through the jars and pitched old into the cook stove.  It was a wonderful fragrance.  This is the “after” photo – there are none of the before or during!

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