Three Survivor Stories

This year I read three stories of strong women from the Middle East who survived great hardship. Two received the Nobel Peace Prize. I think I needed to read of their resilience. Lest we say their stories are unique to the Middle East, I would point out that there is sex trafficking in this country, domestic violence, and rape. Until we can solve our own problems here, I would avoid pointing fingers elsewhere!

The first was I am Malala by Malala Yousefzai. She was attacked on a bus for being an outspoken advocate of women’s education.

Next was Khalida Brohi’s I Shall Have Honor. After her cousin’s honor killing, Brohi decides she will work to end honor killing

Finally is Nadia Marud’s The Last Girl. She tells of her survival of Yazidi genocide and her sex slavery under the ISIS regime

All three are excellent, thought provoking reads. We need to examine all forms of bullying, violence, harassment, abuse, rape, and slavery. What is the cause? How can we make a more peaceful world?

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