The Tree Falls and I Can’t Blame the Cat.

This year I cut a tree and put it up myself about a week ago.  It really is a three handed job –  best if one person holds it upright and straight while the other person is prone tightening the bolts.

Wednesday I had lunch with a friend and ran errands.  While calling my friend to report I was home safe, I heard a plop.  After hanging up the phone I discovered the tree on its side in a puddle of water.

After propping up the tree and mopping up, I got a screw driver and reset the tree.  I inserted the screw driver into the tightening loops and cranked.  Then I realized the floor was uneven so I moved the tree and gave it water.

The next day, yesterday, I restrung the lights and rehung the cranes and star. 

I guess it was a good year to have paper decorations!

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