Clearing and Sorting – Looks Worse Before it Gets Better

In 2014 Ken bought tubs and built the shelves so I could store rags for rugs in a more organized manner.  I filled tubs and people gave me more and more rags.  I started saying no to more rags.

Part of my mourning  Ken’s death, and starting a life without him is sorting and cleaning.  I find I want to clear the house and then introduce things back as needed or wanted.  Space has become important.



Today I placed sorted rags in barrels on the east side of the house. 





Then I took down the shelves by first removing the shelf boards.







Then I removed the uprights held in place by screws in floors and beams





These, too are now by the front door.









Now there is some empty space on the east side of the house





I feel the space and reduced clutter change intensely






There is still much to sort and move, but I am taking my time and feeling what is right as I go





And there are more rags to sort; these need buttons cut off, sleeves and seams removed…





And there is getting all this out of the house as well.  Lots to do and progress is slow, but satisfying



  1. Breathing room

    • Keppers Pottery

      And I think it is easier to start with my things and create a haven so I can heal and concentrate my energy for the more difficult tasks

  2. Wow, impressive, I am starting to sense a little excitement as to the possibilities. I know the work is hard and emotionally heavy…….but there is this feisty spirit that keeps bring light into it all.

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