Following in Ken’s Footsteps – Making Sourdough Bread

Ken had so many cooking jobs – bakery, pizza parlor, restaurant, hospital and finally as a private chef.  He made bread for us.  He left me a starter.



Sylvia worked to bring Ken’s starter back to life AND came over to show me how she makes bread.  I last made bread in my twenties with yeast and had no sour dough starter experience.

Well, now I am ready to practice and make my own bread.  Probably it will end up as a hybrid between Ken’s and Sylvia’s styles.  Stay tuned!  Thank you so much, Sylvia!

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  1. The Ken and Judith team at the end of the driveway marked by the Keppers condominium signage is a landmark in our neighborhood. One can find so many projects aimed at a return to focus of using ones hands to eek out beautiful and useful things for humanity from food to what you can put food into. Ken was an artisan of nature with an eye on recycling. Truly in his hands one mans junk was his treasure. The dance you danced together has blessed a wide array of humanity and we are thankful for the moments we could share in your harmony

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