Seventy Degrees in Three Weeks

This fall has presented challenges. We had some unseasonably warm weather – 73 degrees in October.  This meant it was tough to keep the root cellar cool enough for the roots.  Too warm and vegetables will either rot or start growing.  Neither helps flavor of nutrition!

Once it cooled off, temperatures plummeted.  this made harvest tough.  The weather needs to be cool but above freezing or the vegetables thaw and turn to mush.

This week we had low temperatures in the single digits; one morning I awoke to five degrees – a seventy (well, 68) degree spread.  Wow!  Plants, animals and farmers are in shock. When I am out away from the farm people keep remarking they seem to really feel the cold more this year.  I point out they did not have the usual six to eight weeks to acclimate this fall!

I keep saying that anyone who does not believe in climate change is not gardening!

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