When the Pigs Get Out…

Once you get animals you have fences to maintain.  Here we have pigs.  Ken moves them frequently so they have new ground to dig, they get exercise and are not bored.


This year part of the rotation was to have them dig up the turkey yard.  They did a great job and Ken has intended to move them, but weeds, transplanting, appointments and such got priority.  Today Ken left for an appointment – even farmers get their teeth checked.  I was doing some paper work during the heat of the day, and heard Oscar rushing about.

Some chicks had found a way out of a fence; we got them in, and then Oscar excited.  I looked up to see a pig on MY side of the fence (there were two out) so I hastily got on my chore boots and some pig delicacies form the kitchen. 


I got inside the pig yard and dumped the delectables in the trough and the inside pig slurped loudly enough to  interest the two outside.  Oscar and I worked to get the two in before the treats were all eaten.  Then it was time to find the escape route!


Once found I set about patching and now moving the pigs has been moved to high priority.  



Oscar got his thrill for the week and all is well.  Thank you, Oscar the Ace Farm Dog!  Such is farm life.

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