Spring Tasks – Cleaning the Coops

One of the many spring tasks is cleaning out coops.  Although we use two portable coops most of the time, the older stationary coops are great spaces for broody hens, tiny chicks, and pesty young cockerels.  This year I volunteered to take on the task.  Fist Ken got me set us with open windows, doors and tools.  As I filled first cart and then wheelbarrow, Ken  shuttled them to the compost pile.

Then we had one clean coop.  Ken added some straw and tonight will add a broody hen and a dozen eggs,  With luck in three weeks we will have chicks!




Today I did the north coop.






Then Ken moved his straw bales to the middle of that coop and he can place a broody hen on each side. 





With luck, more chicks!

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