Egg Season – Ideas

Spring is egg season.  There is a reason the Easter Bunny is carrying a basket of eggs.  And it is the time of year when one has extra eggs to color or dye.




My birthday is in March.   Ken makes me a souffle.





Most years I start with omelettes as we also have fresh spinach this time of year.  Then when we have a social event I make deviled eggs.  I follow Martha Stewart’s recipe.  I have tried many but like that one best.  Of course I substitute as needed.


I make my own mayonnaise and then make macaroons with the whites.





Then when we have goose eggs I branch out to custards.  And today I made rice pudding.  I use the recipe in General Mills Betty Crocker Cookbook for modern rice pudding as it uses cooked rice.  Usually I cut the sugar by at least half.

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