Over Dyeing Denim for Future Rugs

dyeing last batch 014While Ken was away I decided to dye some faded denim.  I received several balls of denim rags about a year ago.  Some of the rags were very faded.  Faded rags do not make a very colorful rug. Bright or deep colored rugs sell better than faded ones.





denim rug hit or miss oscar 017Years ago I took a natural dye class and was told that natural dyes work better on animal fibers like wool than plant fibers like cotton or linen.  A couple years ago I took a synthetic dye class.  I then over dyed some denim.  Dye over a faded denim brings a wide range of color as varying degrees of dye remain and the dye color reacts with remaining dye in the denim to form a variety of interesting colors

dyeing rags 003 Here is the fabric I dyed.  I prefer to dye garments or pieces of garments – it is much easier than this cooked spaghetti!  I am excited about these colors.  They will be great in rugs

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