Late Summer on the Farm

a field asparagus squash sunflowers 004As we approach Labor Day, the nights are cooler and longer, and I feel a sadness.  That long list of plans from May needs to be revisited with a realistic eye, prioritized, and edited.  The perky plants of May and June are large and sprawling; some have even started to die back.  Their efforts have gone into making fruit and they have the look of an older woman – just as beautiful as the perky teenager, but in a different, knowing way.


a squash on hay bale 002This time of year the farmers are tired.  The work continues at a rapid, pressing pace with shorter days and more weight.  It is the push to the finish line after the marathon of summer.  Ken says the divorces on farms happen in August, and this is true for the most part. 



desktop foliage with oscar 003Soon we will feel the first frost, and know that although the push continues, the winter is near.  We shall celebrate the harvest, enjoy the successes, think of improvements and move into the introspection and rejuvenation of those longer nights and shorter days


  1. Love this, Judith.

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